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Under the new pregnancy planning law, girls and women in California can now buy birth control pills in conventional or online pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. You can not just buy them, taking from the shelf, but without problems, you can buy after talking with the pharmacist and filling out a small form.

State legislators made this decision back in 2013, but regulatory discussions lasted 3 years. California became the 3rd state after Washington and Oregon, in which it is allowed to purchase birth control drugs right at the pharmacy.

What drugs innovation relates to?

The law includes hormones which can be taken or applied independently. It means tablets, patches, injections and vaginal rings, but such as intrauterine devices or IUDs, which require the help of a specialist, cannot be obtained from a pharmacist without a prescription.Birth Control Pills without Prescription

Do I need to reach a certain age?

No, there is no age limit.

What is the process of purchasing in a conventional pharmacy?

The pharmacist will check your blood pressure, and then ask you to fill out a questionnaire in order to be sure in the safety of taking these drugs for you. You can then purchase your chosen drug or ask your pharmacist for help in choosing.

When you make your choice, the pharmacist will explain to you how this drug works, the rules for taking it and the dose, as well as possible side effects. You will also be reminded of the need for periodic examinations by specialists to prevent diseases such as, for example, cervical cancer, and warn you that birth control does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

How much does it cost?

If your insurance company covers the cost of birth control drugs, your coverage should also apply to innovations. It is not yet clear whether pharmaceutical companies will take additional money for such examinations, to which they are entitled.

Can I buy birth control today?

Most pharmacy chains have stated that they are not quite ready to implement the legislation from this very moment. The best way to make sure your local pharmacy is already in the program is to contact them.

What other states do include hormonal drugs for birth control at the pharmacy?

Women in the state of Washington and the cities of Washington have had access to this service for a long period. In Oregon, pharmacists were allowed to sell pregnancy control drugs a little earlier this year, although only women over 17 years old can apply for this kind of help. Several other states, including Hawaii and Tennessee, several months ago proposed a bill similar to the state of California.

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