Birth Control Options to Prevent Pregnancy

Birth Control Options

Many women wonder: what method of contraception to choose? To make a choice, many women listen to the advice of girlfriends, or simply use the “popular” methods. But only a competent specialist can choose the right contraceptive for you.

Pros and cons of various methods of birth control

The female organism was created by nature to reproduce and feed offspring. But today, few women are willing to give birth without interruption. Therefore, the issue of contraception is quite acute.

Today there are many different methods of birth control. All of them can be divided into two groups: reliable and unreliable. The first group includes only four methods: contraceptive pills, intrauterine contraceptives, surgical sterilization and rejection of sex. Other methods are unreliable.

The woman herself must decide on what method to choose, the doctor can only give advice and find the best way to protect her from unwanted pregnancy.

Modern contraception options

Hormonal tablets

There are two types of hormonal tablets: combined estrogen-progestin drugs and mini-pills containing only progestogen. The advantage of the combined drugs is their 99.9% efficiency.

Hormonal pills are the most reliable contraceptives among all existing options, the only exception is voluntary surgical sterilization. Hormonal pills give a contraceptive guarantee if you start taking them from the first day of the cycle. They are easy to use, and the only thing that is required of you is not to miss a dose and try to take it at the same time. In addition, many drugs have a cosmetic effect – they can improve the condition of the skin.

Such drugs differ greatly from each other in composition, clinical properties and dose of hormones. Therefore, the choice of drug should be made with your doctor.

Minipills contain only microdoses of progestogens, approximately 15-30% of that part, which is contained in the combined tablets. The contraceptive effect of minipill is much lower than that of regular pills. But due to the lower impact on the blood coagulation system, they can be used by smokers who are over 35 years old, as well as those who suffer from diabetes and other diseases in which combined oral contraceptives are contraindicated for use. The most common birth control pills include Yasmin, Alesse, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Mircette and Levlen.

Intrauterine device (IUD)

The method of intrauterine contraception is based on the introduction into the uterus of a device preventing pregnancy. It is suitable only for women who have already given birth. The procedure is carried out by the doctor.

Despite the reliability of such a contraceptive, in recent times, many patients have refused to use it since the IUD can cause increased bleeding during menstruation and painful sensations.

Hormonal ring

A hormonal ring is a flexible ring made of hypoallergenic material used to make implants. It is inserted into the vagina for 21 days and releases hormones, thereby providing high contraceptive efficacy. The convenience of the ring is that it needs to be inserted once a month, whereas tablets should be taken daily. It allows you to lead an active lifestyle, but some patients note that the ring caused inconvenience during sex.

Barrier contraceptives

The diaphragm and cervical cap are contraceptives for women, condoms – for men. They are very reliable when used correctly. A condom also protects against sexually transmitted infections.

Hormonal implant

A hormonal implant is a special capsule with hormones, which is introduced by surgical manipulation on the inner side of the forearm for a period of 5 years. It’s a good solution for women who cannot take hormonal pills for some reason.

Hormonal injections

Hormone injections are a highly effective method of contraception. After injection into the buttock, the contraceptive effect lasts 3 months.

Interrupted intercourse

Interrupted intercourse is a very common method that has many drawbacks. First of all, sperm can be released before full ejaculation, in addition, it can be difficult for some men to stop, and finally, this method is harmful for men because it can cause prostatitis, impotence and neurotic states.

Chemicals (creams, suppositories, suppositories)

Such drugs immobilize spermatozoa, but they are not always reliable, moreover, with their constant use can cause vaginal dysbacteriosis and other health problems.

Surgical sterilization

It is done to a woman or a man at the request of both partners if they have at least two children or for medical reasons. This method is irreversible.

Choosing the right method of contraception is a decision that depends not only on your desire but also on medical indications. It’s necessary to get advice from highly qualified gynecologists and endocrinologists who will select the optimal contraceptive for you.

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